The Paradox of Capitalism; Fathers vs. Sons.


‘All Youth United’

Hopefully the title grabbed you enough to at least have a glimpse at this blog, which I am actually writing as a memo on my phone on the way into town;spontanious inspiration. However,let me first warn you that this is not as general as it first seems to be,I am in fact going to stoop to the level of taking cheap digs at Capitalism through the tuition fees argument in Britain. As you may be aware as of currently tuition fees for English universities have been removed from the government capping system brought about under Blair’s New Labour government-i will not go into further detail of the new system in place as not to stray too far from the crux of this post,but it is simply a form of sliding scale system.
Basically,I would like to highlight the f*ing ‘inheritance’ which the Tories were left with-which I angrily skim over as to delete contraversy on this issue. This government debt, which they claim to have had no idea about the size of,has thus forced the government(kind of) into the decision to raise tuition fees,and therefore they defy the political consensus which their generation where left with;of equality for all and that everyone has a right to a good education. They have degraded themselves to a torrential jeopardy of the upcoming generation,stifling their ideas and crushing the meritocracy beneath their leather clad feet. Upon this matter I wish to commend the attempts of national students for their demonstrations etc,but frankly you have failed,our very British ethos of standing back and turning a blind eye, which I will call ‘ice-man syndrome’ has led us to defeat. A class and generational alliance was necessary to even make a dent on the air-brushed face of ‘the establishment’ ,and this would be of hugely rare occasion within the United Kingdom. (I would just like to point out that I do not wish to terrorise the pedestal of British patriotism,I merely want to state that it is defunct in this respective area).
The main point I wish to make is that Capitalist economics has essentially driven the government into debt;as official statistics show that the debt was only slightly above the norm before the 2008 crash,and only rocketed when the government pursued an undoubtedly controversial approach by increasing borrowing to push off the financial load that the following recession would concur. Thus driving the indebted generation to jeopardise the upcoming generation and thus stamping them down into the gutter. But do the fathers protect their sons?Nay. They grumble and moan but ‘ice-man syndrome’ kicks in and a furious and enraged youth are isolated in their battle to reject this backward ideas of the socially conservative establishment.
Thus we have a paradox;when the fees etc are raised as to avert financial crisis and attempt to stabalise the financial market it places the ascending youth in a position where political elitism is dominant. This denies the youth the opportunities their fathers had in the 70’s, 80’s and even 90’s; there is minimal opportunity for social movement, unemployment is on the rise, public services are currently undergoing a rapid decontruction and politics is once again positively monopolised by the political elite. ALL parties are malleable to this atmosphere as they roll onto their backs and allow their belly to be tickled by the Bourgeois public-schoolboy.
This will not be tolerated. The hopes,dreams and aspirations of millions of young people cannot be let to slip away. We must rise to the challenge. Unite.


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