Capitalism and the Social Agenda

materialsimCapitalism undermines the Social Agenda, the natural instinct of humanity to expand their relations with other members of their species, and the active impulse to care for those they hold dear. The world as it stands today twists the ideals of man into ones centered on the economic, both the worldwide and local. The simple fact of it is, the economy does not naturally exist: it is a bi-product of human social interaction. The predominant result of human history is the increase of social relations, a form of globalism of society. The establishment of a global interconnected economy is a result of this, not a driver. However, what started as a peaceful and positive transformation of trade between peoples, now resembles more of an abused and deformed mode of human existence. Crucially, the mindset of man has been changed forever, but despite the plethora of drawbacks, there are some lessons to be learned also. The dislocation of the real economy from that of the economy on paper can be utilized to advantage and advance humanity in ways that could not have been contemplated if capitalism did not exist. Advances such as mechanization, mass production and computer science can be utilized in order to provide for the worlds needs. Claims like “there is not enough food in the world” and “not everyone can be equal” are for one detestable but also utterly invalid. These may be true within the society that we live in today, in which case we must radically change the way we operate! The problem is not the existence of powerful economic forces itself, but the squandering of it’s social potential. Using economic advances to create further economic advances, betters nobody but the rich, and even then it provides a highly unstable state of affairs from generation to generation.

Adversarial politics and media fueled stereotypes hamper the vision of national tranquility – not even considering the international stage which is the main thrust of this article. Despite this, the power of education can be utilized to foster better and more socially orientated future generations. Progressives in all spheres must come to grasp the long term nature of such reforms, and put aside short term political gain and financial capital, looking towards a better future for humanity. Individual competition and self-centered ambition are petty and artificially divisive when one considers the bigger picture, mankind has always been strongest when most united. Our differences exist to fund innovation and creativity, not to be capitalized on by self-interested elites and careerist individuals; diversity enriches society, it does not fracture it. Undoubtedly now more than ever economic gain operates as the driving force for the majority of the worldwide body politic, but as the 2008 financial crisis has demonstrated, years of boom ultimately foreshadow years of bust – primarily due to the radical profiteering of capitalists worldwide.

It is time that this generation broke free of the shackles of those who have come before us (as we are now the first generation ever to be poorer than our predecessors, see: and realized that society is broken. The “dirty words” of Socialism and Communism need to be reclaimed and rejuvenated, if not for immediate change, then for a long term investment for a better future. Left wing dissent is weak and disunited, it appears stifled amongst the tirade of the bourgeois reactionary media, but we shall not be discouraged. The daunting political tasks that lay before us are undoubtedly fearsome, but the Social Agenda exists for a reason: humanity is FAR stronger united. When mobilised in this way, within a society which reflects our collective needs, the challenges of climate change, religious fundamentalism, nationalism, nuclear proliferation, and many more, will be just small steps in the face of progress.


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